how to create a more relaxing home

How to create a more relaxing home.

The question on everyones lips this year has all been about creating a more relaxing home.

How to create a relaxing home
We are now spending so much more time in our home, it has become our workspace, play space and relaxation spot. From yoga in the garden to hopscotch on the drive, I have heard so many fabulous things people have be able to do it their multi purpose homes. 
However, as our homes are becoming uber functional, we are loosing our relaxing space. The news every day is getting more complicated and our patience is running out. 
I want to share some tips we use as a family to create a more relaxing home environment. 

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How to create a more relaxing home. 

  1. Declare the Living Room a single use spot

    It is so easy to use the living room as an office, craft room, homework zone, but actually it stops you being able to close off the world and just chill out. Stop the family using the living room for anything except as a chill out zone. Encourage tech restrictions, and use the space to reconnect with each other or spend time together. 

  2. Choose a relaxing scent.

    Obviously I was going to mention scents and fragrances, but I think its so important. Our Living room is the place for calming and complex scents, it helps us relax and get comfortable. Sweet Vanilla and Bookworm Adventures are our favourites in the living room. But in the bathrooms and laundry room, we use more clean and fresh scents. 

  3. Cushions & Throws are a must!

    There is nothing better than cuddling on the sofa with cuddly cushions and big fluffy throws. Ladies, I am being 100% honest when I say that the boys in my house love them the most. Get down to Ikea or B&M and get your comfy on. Our cushions find their way to the floor often when the kids are reading or playing games to so make sure you have some big ones too for them to lounge on. 

  4. Lighting can create the best moods. 

    We only ever use our lamps in the living room. This creates really soft lighting and a lovely atmosphere for the kids to just chill out. Chilled out kids makes for a great relaxing movie night. 

And that's it. It doesn't take a lot and your home will become more relaxed and chilled if you zone your home out more. I hope our little tips help you get your chill on and have a more relaxing evening. 


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